Our Practice

Wendell Veterinary Clinic was founded in October 1978 by Dr. Jolyon Johnson. The hospital was part of the farmstead owned by Dr. Johnson's family since the mid-1700's, as is evidenced by the driveway to the hospital, which is shared by the Sugar House, built by Dr. Johnson's grandfather in 1924.

The Johnson Family Sugar House at Wendell Veterinary ClinicOnce a primarily ambulatory large animal practice with limited companion animal services, Wendell Veterinary Clinic has become the opposite – a vibrant, ever-growing veterinary hospital focusing on companion animal support. As demographics and economics evolve, and food animal production declines, our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and the community.

We now provide veterinary care to dogs, cats, small ruminants (goats, sheep, etc.) and exotic pets. In addition to leading the Wendell Veterinary Clinic team, Dr. Johnson continues to operate his private ambulatory large animal practice and manage his dairy farm.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an affordable, dependable, courteous service to all. Every caring person should be able to have a companion pet. Our place is to make veterinary care affordable and available.

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